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3D Scanning Calle Calle Bridge, Valdivia

Calle Calle Bridge

6 scan positions were performed surrounding Calle Calle Bridge. Just 1 position was topographic according to conventional trisection measuring well-established GNSS points. Rest of the positions were performed through scanning station technique.

Field operation takes no more than 4 and a half hour including general and specific scanning as well the time between positions, installations, and measurements according to the reference system. However, not only were performed general scanning, but also specific captures where point density was much greater.

Also, Trimble SX10 allows scanning directly related to the interest object. However, the most important attribute of Trimble SX10 is the total station nature combined with 3D scanning.

Related to the data process, scan register take no more than 15 minutes. It is necessary for a good overlap between sequential scans. The result of the scan register is an aligned cloud point where every element belongs to the same reference.

In the field of the final product appears CAD drawing over cut planes. When a cut plane is defined, the user could draw taking as reference the cloud point. The result of this operation is 2D polylines with the object to integrate a simplified representation. This stage necessarily takes you to the creation of  3d modeling.

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